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How to tailor your Engagement Session to be unique.

So you. just got engaged and it's time to plan your Engagement Session but your overwhelmed with where to start.

 We are here to help!

Hi! We are the Wu's! The ones behind the lenses of The Wu Photo.

We are based in Temecula, Ca and so happy that you came across our page!

When we began planning Samantha + Curtis's Engagement Session in San Diego, Samantha mentioned that Curtis had a motorcycle and they loved going on rides together. That was music to my ears, so we immediatly knew we had to incoorperate it in our session. It

In this blog post we will share a few tips on how to tailor your session to create a unique experience just like our clients Samantha + Curtis!


Letting go of expectations of your session is crucial to create space for authentic candid moments to unfold.

Which are our favorite moments to capture!. It allows you to be a bit more relaxed and embrace the present moment with your boo. You did hire your photographer for a reason, so trust them to do their thing and help you create magic! Your only job is to tell each other how amazing you look as you walk through the door and have FUN! Take a deep breath and soak each other up. Don't you worry we will guide you throught your session and we may even make you do a few silly things. If it feels akwards, your doing it right!

You've got this!!!


Set a date night to plan your upcoming Engagement Session together.

It could be fun way for both of you to invest in tailoring your photos.

Start by reminiscing about your first date. What made it special? Did you start your love story with a fun activity like mini golfing or was it simple and sweet with a cozy cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop?

Throughout your relationship did you pick up a hobby together that you enjoy, like spinning pottery, reading, or collecting vinyl records? No matter how simple or extravagant, it could be really fun to incorperate a location or hobby that is meaningful to the both of you.

Some activity ideas:

Picnic on a bluff

Celebrate with a champagne shower

Pillow Fight

Baking together


Roller Skates/Skateboard/ Bikes

Locations Ideas:

Pizza Joint

Coffee Shop

Record Store

Ice Cream date

Open Field

Dont be afraid to get creative! Make this session all about YOU two.


This topic can honestly be one of the most overwhelming parts of planning , so we would love to make few suggestions!

Choose somrthing you feel great in. So if that means you want to throw your hiking boots on in your dress.... WERE IN and ready for adventure.

Colors and patterns definitely matter for consistency for your photographers style. If you love their work and notice all their clients are wearing neutral tones, but you come in a beautiful neon green dress, it may change the look of your final edit compared to you fell in love with. So if you photographer sends you a style guide, we highly recommend styling your outfit within their color pallet to ensure you get the dreamy final gallery you hired them for.

NEUTRAL earth tones are our jam with pops of contrast like black, browns and denim.

"Quiet" patterns are also welcome if you want to add a little pop to your outfit. We are here to help! So send us your inspiration and we can make sugguestions as we plan along side you!

This is just the beginning of a beautiful life together! Enjoy every step of the process before saying I Do, your big day is just around the corner. We hope that one day we will have the privlage to document part of your story but until then, we hope these Engagement Session tips helped you during the process of planning!
Remember to make your session fun and to think outside the box.

We would love to hear what you came up with for your session! Let us know!

  • Love, The Wu Photo.

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